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Sonya learned to sail during high school while living in Uruguay, South America with her family.

Jack grew up sailing with his family on the east coast & Chesapeake BaY.

Somehow, life brought us both to the Bay Area. Our paths crossed when a mutual friend invited Sonya to join in on a day of sailing on Jack's first boat, Spirit.

After 3 years, we grew out of our beloved Spirit and purchased Gemini, our Bluewater cruiser bound to take us to adventures beyond.

We are passionate about the marine lifestyle and all that it entails. We have lived on our Passport 42 sailboat for over 8 years starting in Emeryville, California. In April of 2022 we set off to sail the world, learning as we go and striving to be as self-sustainable as possible. 


We are here to share our stories, experiences, and knowledge of sailing, as well as provide tips and tricks to maintain your boat and make the most of your sailing lifestyle.


Join us as we explore the world's oceans and share our stories in hopes of inspiring others to pursue their own dreams of life afloat.


Follow along as we sail the world aboard our tiny floating home!

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