Sonya learned to sail during high school while living in Uruguay, South America with her family.

Jack grew up sailing with his family on the east coast & Chesapeake BaY.

Somehow, life brought us both to the Bay Area. Our paths crossed when a mutual friend invited Sonya to join in on a day out sailing on Jack's first boat, Spirit.

After 3 years, we grew out of our beloved Spirit and purchased Gemini, our Bluewater cruiser bound to take us to adventures beyond.

We've been living aboard for almost 6 years aboard our Passport 42 sailboat in Emeryville, California.


During our time onboard we've been learning as we go & striving to be as self-sustainable as possible.

We love everything about life afloat: simplicity, challenges, and adventures not to mention the down and dirty boat projects!

Follow along as we prepare for the experience of a lifetime - sailing the world aboard our tiny floating home!


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