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Here goes nothin'... Our newest Youtube adventures.

Our thoughts on creating our new Youtube channel, sharing videos of our adventures, challenges & lessons learned aboard our floating home.

So, that’s it. We have begun to create videos about our life on the water. I don’t know exactly how I feel about pulling out the GoPro at every exciting, beautiful or frustrating moment, and up until now I have been reluctant to open up our personal life to the vulnerability that comes along with sharing your life with a camera. I haven’t found many sailing Youtube channels that feel genuine and spontaneous, which is exactly the things that we love about boatlife: going sailing out the Golden Gate on a beautiful Sunday, ending up staying the night in Drake’s Bay (because us sailors don’t always have a Mon-Fri work schedule) and waking up to 30kt winds and 10ft waves, knowing it will be a bumpy, wet ride home but that is what you get for stopping somewhere for the night without any sort of planning beforehand.

We love that about our lives, and why not find a way to express that spontaneity in a way that others (who may not be able to indulge in this kind of crazy, unplanned lifestyle) can join along for the ride? After speaking with a friend who has experience in the intangible world of social media, I realized that the fact that we are hesitant to portray our lives through short videos could actually create something unique and awesome. Jack and I have made it this far in the boating world by doing everything ourselves, which not only has saved us thousands of dollars along the way, but we’ve also learned many valuable skills, not only useful for repairing your own boat, but also things like learning to create your own small business, market yourselves, and even how to bake without a real oven! Realizing that we have interesting things to offer to others exploring alternative living or simply dreaming about what the day to day boat life is all about made it easier to start creating videos about our adventures.

“Needless to say, we have had many “I wish someone had told me NOT to do that!” experiences when working on our boat, and if we’ve got those moments, then I’m sure everyone else out there living the boat life do too.”

With Jack’s experience in mechanics, construction, electrical troubleshooting and sailing, we hope to be able to teach others small tips and tricks on how to maintain your own boat. This way, you too can start saving that money you would’ve paid someone else to bleed your engine when it runs out of fuel or replace the wiring to your windlass and start putting all those $$ away for your own adventures and goals!

Our end goal is to take our 42’ sailboat cruising down to Mexico and possibly across the Pacific. But, as you may now, boating is expensive. In order to maintain our lifestyle and achieve our cruising goals, we are pledging to create videos to share with you and hopefully a couple of sponsors along the way, to throw a couple extra dollars into our cruising kitty (sailor-talk for cruising fund). So, if you like what you see, subscribe to our channel and check out our Patreon page, where you can gain exclusive access to our video creations by simply sending a few dollars our way for the videos we produce.

Subscribe to our Youtube channel here:

Check out our Patreon page and gain exclusive access to new videos & updates:

The next challenge is: how do I use my 5 year old computer to make videos without completely going crazy trying to manage my storage?! Comment or contact us if you have any essential tips or wisdom when it comes to making videos and managing large amounts of video and media. So far it’s been trial and error, not to mention the 6 trips to the Apple store for help..


Stay tuned for our next blog post: “Liveaboard Life is Like..” Where we will paint a picture of what living on our boat is like on a daily basis - the good and the bad.

Until next time!

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